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V85 TT


There’s simply no other way to describe the V85 TT and the V8 TT TRAVEL.

The Euro 5-compliant engine produces more torque at low and medium speeds, resulting in a more powerful and exhilarating performance than ever before. Even the most experienced riders can find something to get their heart beating with the five riding modes. On the design front, there are magnificent tubeless wheels and eye-catching new graphics that highlight the bike's curves.

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V85TT Travel Motoguzzi Heroimage Half 855X640 NEW

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V85 TT 850

£10,600 £11,200

V85 TT Evocative Graphics 850

£10,800 £11,400

V85 TT Travel 850

£11,900 £12,500

V85 TT Guardia d'Onore 850

£11,900 £12,500

V85 TT

Travel: Distance poses no problem

The V85 TT TRAVEL comes with all of the tech improvements of its V85 TT sibling, as well as all of the features you'll need on a long journey. Touring windshield, Urban series side panniers with greater capacity, reduced mass LED auxiliary lighting, heated handgrips that can be adjusted, and the Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia platform that can be added as an option.


Colours: Looks that pack a punch

With the addition of Verde Altaj, the distinctive green from the House of the Eagle, the Moto Guzzi V85 TT's colour selection is more eye-catching than ever. It joins Nero Etna black, Giallo Mojave yellow, and the dramatic red Rosso Uluru to form a powerful, no-nonsense palette



Concept: A bike for living, not simply riding

The V85 TT is the ideal partner for everyday commuting or intrepid adventures, being sleek, practical, and boasting the iconic Moto Guzzi design. When it comes to a vintage enduro, the V85 TT has undoubtedly delivered on its objective to blend iconic design with all the bells and whistles of a modern enduro touring bike, and it absolutely gets the title of First and Only in Class.


The new V85 TT Travel: A born adventurer

The V85 TT Travel is designed for exploring and courageous excursions, and it comes in Grigio Grigna grey with a slew of enhancements to its already remarkable equipment list. Every travel becomes an unforgettable experience thanks to a blend of design, comfort, and performance.