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Moto Guzzi is happy to unveil a fresh and important evolution of the V7, more than fifty years after the launch of its first unit. This model will be called as simply V7 for the first time since 2007 and will no longer include the previously utilised Roman numerals in its name. Since these elements are traditional, will not date, and are part of Moto Guzzi's make-up, the bike's character and authenticity will be preserved.

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V7 Special 850


V7 Stone 850


V7 Special Edition



New Colour Variants

The V7 Stone comes in two new colours: a vivid metallic yellow and an elegant aluminium grey, both of which are designed to highlight the bike's lines for a pared-back, contemporary, and cutting-edge appearance.


V7 Stone

The famous transverse V twin-cylinder gets a boost of power, giving an unrivalled riding experience. The original V7's unique essence has been preserved, but the new model has an improved chassis and ergonomics, great handling and stability, and lots of comfort for both the rider and the passenger.

V7 Special

The V7 SPECIAL is classic and elegant, yet it has that extra something that makes it such a distinct personality. The SPECIAL, faithful to its traditions but upgraded with the new 850cc engine, has all the power and style you'd expect from an authentic Moto Guzzi motorcycle. This bike is for riders who want something different, and they will get it when they jump on board this true legend.


New engine

The New V7 is equipped with a completely new Moto Guzzi engine adapted from the V85 TT. This engine is the newest and most advanced Mandello has ever produced, and it is designed to boost performance and efficiency.